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Clicked up for Christ

A long as I can remember, there have always been different types of gangs around. Some were “more in your face” types and some you didn’t hear about often. There are street gangs, prison gangs, and then there are groups of people who wouldn’t think of themselves as gangs, yet they stand apart from everyone else. I remember back in high school I hung out with the “Stoners,” and we always said we were NOT a gang. If we were a gang, then so were the “preps” and “jocks,” right?

I went to prison the first time when I was 21 years old. This is when I was introduced to prison gangs, or “families.” Being new to the system, I learned real quick that you get in where you fit in. I figured I belonged with the “weeds“ since I was white. I wanted to fit in and saw all the “Bro’s” hanging out together, and I listened to all the things they were saying. I wanted in!

At that time, I only wanted to do my time and get home so I could get high. I became a prospect for one of the “families” and thought, with all my new connections through them, I could get rich! I did OK selling drugs on my own--just think what I could do with a prison gang’s connections.

This gang was made up of all convicts and criminals. All we talked about was I’m white race and how we wanted to take care of our people. Then we talked cooking meth and selling it. Isn’t that what is destroying our people?

All the money I thought I’d make once released started rolling in. Only thing was, I was doing all the work. My “Bro’s” just wanted to get high---and for FREE! It didn’t take long for me to see I was being drug down. I cut everyone off. This was destroying my people! Everyone turned on me so fast.

I went through all kinds of hardships in order to get out of the gang. I was physically beaten, threatened, my family was threatened, robbed, and many other things. Finally though, it was over. I was given a door (meaning let out). Some people are not so lucky to be able to get out. It’s hard and it’s dangerous. Most people don’t even know what they are getting into when they join.

I am now a born-again Christian. God blesses me more every day. He is showing me all the things that were wrong with my old ways. The Bible teaches us that there should be no divisions among us. We should all stand under one flag alone, and that flag is the one God flies! No matter where you were born, what color your skin is, or what side of town you live on---nothing should divide us.

I want you to think about something: Has any of your friends or “Bro’s” ever given up their child for you? Would you let your son die for your friends or gang? Jesus died on the cross for us! God loved us so much that he gave his only son for our sins! That’s who I want to have my back.

It is a sin to worship idols. When you are part of a gang, it is idol worship. You are serving that gang. Dealing drugs and chasing money is another form of idol worship. Anything you put before God! If you are following a gang and not God, you are sinning against him. (Read 2 Kings 17:15)

Did you know being a gang member will make you a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the government? In prison we get “confirmed” and locked up in seg. This information is shared with the feds and then we are labeled as a terrorist! Every time a cop pulls you over, they see this. Background checks for a job, loans, government assistance, or anything will show this as well. Not to mention, just because you are in a gang, you have enemies that would do you harm. People you never met who claim a different “Set” hate you! The Bible teaches us to pray for our enemies. If you want to join the most
powerful click there is, get clicked up for Christ! God’s gang is the only one who can prosper. Your enemies will be defeated before you! (Deuteronomy 28:7)

If you want to be happy and prosper, the only person you should follow is God. In Deuteronomy 28:8, it says: “The Lord will send a blessing on your barns, and on everything you put your hand to.” In other words, you will be successful! I am sitting in a seg cell because I learned all this just recently. If I had not joined a gang, I wouldn’t be here!

Things will never go your way without God. Once you put your faith in him and lay down all other flags that divide us, you will see a big change. These are all promises in the Bible.

Looking back now, I am not so ashamed of what I did because I know I have been forgiven. I am ashamed of what I didn’t do. I didn’t follow God, and I wasn’t the man I could be. Now, I am the man I was meant to be. I fly a new flag now. The one that says Jesus died on the cross for me! I hope you will join me! Let’s get clicked up for Christ.



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