We want to encourage and strengthen inmate's daily walk with Christ. One way we do this is by sending letters of encouragement along with packets of teachings.

Through this correspondence ministry, and personal contact with inmates, we want to help the inmates develop a stronger faith; an intimate prayer life; and, devoted study habits.

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Feedback from Offenders


“I love all the things that you send me. I love the letters that you send back to me that are personalized with my prayer requests. Thank you so much.”
L.L. – East Texas Treatment Facility, Henderson, TX

“Thank you for your love and support through your monthly letters. They really encourage me to continue walking strongly in faith and not by sight. Glory to God in your lives and through your ministry.”
C.M. – Roach Unit, Childress, TX

“Thank you for what you’re doing. We’re not given much of an opportunity in society to be accepted after we’ve gone to prison, but we know God is no respecter of persons. Keep spreading His love, His gospel, and the hope that you share to those of us behind these walls. God bless you!”
R.O. – Sussex Correctional, Georgetown, DE

“I want to thank you for the Bible verses and the “Father’s Love Letter”. I started to cry when I read them”.

G.M. – Jordan Unit, Pampa, TX

“Thank you for the newsletter and the devotional and studies. I enjoy them greatly. I use them as a Bible study here at the (Christian transition) house. I want to tell you that I value your friendship and I thank God for putting you in my life.”
G.M. – Released, Ft. Worth, TX

“I received your letter today and it brought me great joy as well as comfort and peace. It taught me to think about God and put Him first…It helped bring me back in focus. I read the two testimonies included and they touched me. Seriously, I had been on and off like a light switch…I’m new in my journey with Christ but I have faith.”
I.G. – Fed. Det. Ctr., Houston, TX

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