For over 30 years, Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries has partnered with churches, private foundations and individuals to help fulfill their commitment to the commands of Jesus to "visit the prisoners" and help the "least of these" (Matthew 25:34-40).

Those offenders to whom FIJM teaches Christian discipleship principles while they are incarcerated have demonstrated a true desire to follow Jesus. Their successful re-entry to society is the key. But "hand-outs" are not the answer. Won't you help us give them a good "leg-up" instead?

Here’s more about what we do:

1. Freedom in Jesus Ministries (FIJM) “plants” prison ministry services into local churches by reproducing and leveraging FIJM skill sets and Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) relationships.

2. We preach and teach in week-end services in TDCJ facilities.

3. Our ministers lead week-end crusades and revivals at TDCJ facilities with many volunteers.

4. We teach weekly Bible studies in TDCJ facilities and county jails.

5. FIJM “Discipleship Correspondence Program” encourages and teaches offenders by mail.

6. We provide referrals for Bible correspondence courses and distribute discipleship literature and tracts to inmates.

7. Referrals for needed services are provided for offenders faced with re-entry into community.

8. Rev. Don Castleberry, FIJM President, leads foreign missions trips to Guatemala to teach and minister in prisons and indigent villages.

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